Egyptian Gods: Set

Set was an ancient Egyptian god known as the God of Chaos, Evil, Storms, Desert and Darkness. This Egyptian god’s name Set also spelled as Seth, Seteh or Sutekh.

Set was the brother of Orisis, Isis and also the brother/wife of Nephthys. Set appearance portrayed as a man with the head of a jackal-like animal (unidentified), long curved pointed snout head with square topped ears, holding an ankh and the scepter of set. He is also representing as a man with red hair and wearing a red mantle. For Egyptians, red means the color of evil.

Earlier Set was worshipped as the god of wind and the desert storms, and he grant the strength of the storms to his followers. He used to be the ally of Orisis, Isis, Nephthys and the defender of their father Ra. But somewhere along the line the view of Set changed, he became the God of evil, conflict and violence. He represented everything that threatened harmony in Egypt.

The Legend says that, Set kills his brother Osiris and attempting to kill his nephew Horus (Osiris’s son). However, Horus managed to escape and survived. Horus became the enemy of Set, avenge his father’s death and many myths describe their conflicts. Set and Horus continue to battle for control of the world, an epic conflict of good versus evil.

Set was honored with an important temple called the “House of Seth, Lord of Sepermeru”. He was worshipped at the temples of Ombos at Oxyrhynchus in Upper Egypt and also some part of the Fayyum. It is not really worshipped after becoming a god of evil, but his religion was the major one for Upper Egypt until after the unification.