Egyptian Gods: Ptah

Ptah is an ancient Egyptian god, the God of Creator. Ptah also know as the God of wisdom, craftsmen, pottery and creation. His name Ptah also spelled as Ptha or Peteh means the “opener” in the sense of “opener of the mouth”. Indeed, the Opening of the Mouth ceremony was believed to been created by Ptah.

Ptah appearance portrayed as a bearded man like a mummy wearing skull cap and holding an ankh, was and djed that symbolized life, power and stability. He is the son of Nun and Naunet, husband of Sekhmet (lioness) and the father of Nefertum, and later, Imhotep.

According to the ancient Egyptian myth, the universe come into existence though his though and words. By his creative power, he spoke the words and world came into being. As a craftsman, he was said to have carved the divine bodies of the royalty. He fashioned the bodies in which dwelt the souls of men in the afterlife.

During the Middle Kingdom, Ptah become Ptah-Seker as he assimilated with Seker (the god of craftsman and reincarnation). Ptah-Seker gradually became as the funerary deity of the underworld and called Ptah-Seker-Osiris.

Ptah were worshipped throughout all of Egypt. Often Ptah was worshipped under the name of Ptah-Seker-Osiris in conjunction with the gods Seker and Osiris. His cult centers temple in Memphis was called the “Mansion of the soul of Ptah”.