Egyptian Gods: Nun

Nun (Nu) was one of the oldest Egyptian gods in ancient Egyptian history referred as the “father of the god”. The name Nun means “primeval waters” from which the creation was began. Nun has no gender, but has the aspect that can represent as male or female. Nun is the male aspect and Naunet also known as Nunet is the female aspect.

According to the myth, Nun was the waters of chaos and Nun was the only thing existed on earth before there was land. There were four frog gods and four snake goddesses who lived this chaos. They were four pair of deities, Nun and Naunet, Amun and Amaunet, Heh and Hauhet and Kuk with Kauket who represents water, void, infinite time and darkness. This group of eight gods formed the Ogdoad. Then very first land was rose out of Nun in the form of mound.

Egyptian God Nun or Nu Nun

Nun appearance portrayed as a bearded man or a frog headed man with blue green skin which represents water and wearing the palm frond that symbolized long life, one on his head, and another on his hand. Naunet appearance portrayed as a snake headed woman or as a snake itself. Sometimes, Nun also depicted as man carrying a solar bark on his upraised arms. On the boat standing is by eight deities.

There was no temple or cult centre of worship built for Nun. Even though, there was no any temple Nun was represented by the sacred lakes, which were associated with some temple, such as Karnak and Dendara. The Egyptian also believes, that Nun will continue to exist as the source of the annual flooding of the Nile River.