Egyptian Gods: Kukhet

Endless and limitless waters in all directions represent the Ogdoad world. This world by ruled by eight primeval deities, four males and four females. Khuket is one of the female goddesses of Ogdoad. She represented darkness and chaos. She is the consort to her brother and husband, Kuk. Her name can also be spelled as Keket or Kauket. She is believed to have represented dusk and is given the epithet “Bringer-in of the Night”.

Like her Ogdoad sisters, a snake or a woman with the head of a snake represents her (attributed to their affinity towards the depths of the earth). She is anthropomorphized as a baboon that is thought to have greeted the coming of the sun (the god, Ra).

However, her existence is subject to debate. Many believe she was not a distinct goddess but a representation of her male form, Kuk. She is believed to just a product of the duality of the existence of the Ogdoad gods. Like her Ogdoad sisters, there is seldom mention of her outside the myth of creation owing to her fairly obscure existence.