Egyptian Gods: Bes

An Egyptian god Bes also known as Bisu was the protector of pregnant women, children and the households. Bes was believed that he must be originally from either African or Semitic because of his appearance which is very different from the Egyptians.

Bes depicted as a dwarf, shown full face with a bearded large head, bow legs, wearing the skin of a lion and sometimes with tail. He is savage looking yet comical and often shows him with his tongue sticking out, large projecting ears and holding a rattle.

As a protector and entertainer of children, the ancient Egyptians believe that when the child is born he would stay by the cradle and entertain it. When the baby smile or laugh for no any apparent reason they believed that Bes is the one who playing or entertaining it.

Since, Bes was the protector of household, children and woman in labour, poisoning animals and frighten away wicked creatures, he also came to symbolize the good things in life. He is also known as a comic dwarf god that brings good luck and happiness to homes.

Many Egyptians keep the statue of Bes in their home and worshipping him from home. Even though there is no cult center built for Bes but his statues can be found in the temples at Denderah and Abydos, alongside the Great God.