Egyptian Gods: Banebdjedet

Banebdjedet or also known as Banedbdjed, the ram god was an ancient Egyptian god of Lower Egypt at Mendes. The name is translated as “the ba (meaning the spirit) of the lord of the djed”. Ram gods often regarded as manifestation of other deities, as the word ram (ba) and the word for soul or manifestation sounded the same in Egyptian.

He was also incorporated to the first four gods or ‘ba’ (Osiris, Geb, Shu and Ra-Atum), to rule over the Egypt. A huge granite shrines for these deities were set up in the Mendes sanctuary.

Banebdjedet was the consort of the fish goddess Hatmehit, who was the originally deity of Mendes and who was associated withIsis. Therefore, Banedgjedet was considered the father of Horus. These three deities formed the “Mendesian Triad”. His appearance portrayed as a man with the head of ram or as a ram itself. He was also given the titles such as “Lord of the Sky” and “Lord of Life”.

According to one myth, Banebdjedet was consulted by the “Divine Tribunal” to judge between Horus and Set for the throne of the gods. However, he proposes to consult Neith and ask for her wisdom. As the dispute continues it is Banebdjedet who suggests that Set be given the throne as he is the elder brother.

Banebdjedet cult center was built at Mendes. He was celebrated as one of the Divine Ancestors who are buried at the burial ground of Behdet, during the Festival of the Beautiful Reunion held at Edfu.