Egyptian Gods: Sobek

Sobek is the Crocodile God or Lord of Faiyum Oasis from Faiyum. Sobek was known as Suchos in Greek. The name Sobek also called in various spelling such as Sebek, Sochet, Sobk, Sobki or Soknopais.

His appearance portrayed as a crocodile headed man with a headdress of feathers and a sun disk. He holds an ankh, representing his ability to undo evil and so cure ills. Sometimes, he depicted as a mummified crocodile or a crocodile itself.

As mentioned in the Pyramid Texts of Old Kingdom, Sobek was the son of Neith of Sais, who known as crocodile god who had to be appeased to give people his protection against crocodiles. The Egyptians who worked or travelled on the Nile hoped and believed that, if they prayed to Sobek, they will be protected from being attacked by crocodiles.

The ancient Egyptians worshiped Sobek, the crocodile god not just as the protector but also to insure the fertility of their people and crops. Sobek was called the Lord of Faiyum, and was considered the god who controlled the waters.

According to myth, Sobek was considered a fourfold deity who represented the four elemental gods: Ra of fire, Shu of air, Geb of earth, and Osiris of water.

Crocodiles were worshipped in cities that depend on water and in parts of Egypt where crocodiles were common. Sobek cult temple was built to honour him at Kom Ombo. In this temple the sacred crocodile were kept in the pools. This crocodile were mummified when that died.