Egyptian Gods: Monthu

An ancient Egyptian god, Monthu was the falcon headed God of War. Monthu is also known as Menthu, Montju, Ment, Month, Montu, Monto, Mentu, Mont or Minu’thi, whose name means ‘nomad’. Originally, Monthu was a local form of Ra, the sun god worshipped in Hermonthis, the capital of the Theban Nome. He was given the title “Lord of Thebes”.

His appearance portrayed as a man with head of a falcon or bull, wearing a headdress of two tall plumes and a solar disk encircled by the uraeus. He holds variety of weapon such as scimitars, bows and arrows, and knives in his hands. Monthu was the son of Mut but gradually replaced by Khonsu, the god of the moon thought during the Middle Kingdom, because the pool at the temple of Mut was in the shape of a crescent moon.

Montu was closely associated with Ra as a solar god and as such often appeared under the epithet Monthu-Ra. He was also associated with Amun and sometimes paired with Set

. In early times, Monthu was a prominent and important god but later when patron of god Amun became more significant, Monthu became overshadowed.

Monthu was also said to manifest himself in a white bull with a black face which was regarded as a raging bulls with strength and war. During the 11th dynasty, four kings in this period were named after him as Mentuhotep means “Menthu is satisfied”. They called themselves “Mighty Bulls”, the sons of Monthu.

There are number of temples were built to honour Monthu, especially at four sites within the Theban region. A large impressive cult center were constructed in the city of Armant (in Greek called Hermonthis) meaning the Land of Monthu.