Egyptian Gods: Min

Min also known as Menew, Menu or Amsu is an ancient Egyptian god since pre-dynasty. Min was the God of Fertility and Harvest. Min was worshipped by mans, as they believed that Min as a bestowal of sexual powers to them. He was also known as the god of rain who protects the fertility of nature, especially by watering the grains.

His appearance portrayed as standing man with erected penis, holding a flail in his raised right hand and wearing ram crown with two tall ostrich feathers on his head. Sometimes, he was also shown as white bull. Lettuce was his sacred plant, where it was offered as sacrifice to him and then eaten in hopes of procuring manhood.

Originally, Min was known as the Sky God, who was given the title “Chief of Heaven”. He started becoming prominent during the Middle Kingdom where he was identified with Horus as Min-Horus. Later their identity was separated Horus as a solar deity and Min as a fertility. In the New Kingdom, Min became immensely popular where he was also associated with Amen as Min-Amen-kamutef (Min-Amen-bull of his mother). His temple was crowned with a pair of bull horns.

The Greeks identified Min with their god Pan, and the Romans believed Min to be the same god as Priapus.

Min was worshipped throughout Egypt by the end of the New Kingdom and his cult centers were built to honour him at Koptos and Akhmin (Panopolis). His “coming forth” festivals were celebrated with public processions and presentation of offerings.