Egyptian Gods: Khepri

Khepri is one of the important deities of Egyptian gods and identified as a form of a Ra, the Sun God. Khepri was the god of creation, the movement of the sun, life and resurrection. The name Khepri also spelled as Khepera, Kheper, Chepri and Khepra, whose name literally means “He Who is Coming into Being”. The root word of ‘Khepri’ also means “to create” or “to transform” and also “scarab beetle”.

His appearance portrayed as a man with the head of a scarab or as a man wearing a scarab or dung beetle as a crown. Sometimes, he depicted as a scarab beetle itself. Khepri is also known as the manifestation of the rising sun or the sun god.

He was associated with the scarab or dung beetle which the behavior considered represent of the sun god who propelling the sun through the sky every day. It demonstrates when after the beetle lays its eggs in a ball of dung, it will roll the ball along the ground until the young beetles are ready to hatch.

The ancient Egyptians also believed that, Khepri created himself just like the beetles did when the larvae emerged from the dung ball. Since beetle laid its eggs in the bodies of dead animals and in dung, so the ancient Egyptian associate Khepri with rebirth, renewal and resurrection.