Egyptian Gods: Hauhet

The Ogdoad gods and goddesses existed even before creation and all of them were worshipped in Hermopolis. They were believed to be the origin of all myths and legends. Hauhet is one of the four Ogdoad goddesses and she represented space, eternity and infinity. She is the consort and wife of her brother Huh. She also symbolizes limitless and long life. She is also supposed to be a symbol of the formlessness of the primeval waters of Nun. Like her Ogdoad sisters, a woman with the head of a snake or a serpent represents her. She is also believed to be representative of intelligence and a perceptive mind. Her name literally means “endlessness” and is sometimes spelled “Hehet”. In some myths, she represented fire and had the head of a cat.

Her existence is believed to be very abstract. Most often, she is just thought of as a representation of her husband Huh and not a separate goddess. She exists, as scholars would say, because of the duality of the nature of the Ogdoad deities. However, legend has it, that the cosmic egg (the first act of creation) was believed to have arisen from the hands of Hauhet and Huh out of the proto matter. Out of the egg, Ra, the sun and light god, arises thus the creation of life in the world. Because of this, together with Huh, they represented the 12th hour of the night welcoming the rebirth of the sun.